Product Safety

Keeping our little ones  safe is a big deal at Beanstalk

Ever wonder why we take the time to check the items you consign for current safety regulations?  Many items we use every day are found to have areas of improvement for the safety of the whole family.  We rely on the information from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).  CPSC has jurisdiction to make recalls or recommendations on product safety and usage for all items we use, not just kids items.

Most items we check are fine.  The few items that have had recalls often have quick replacements you can order direct from the original manufacturer, most times at no cost.

Consigning tips:

Please check that your items are free of recalls before you bring them in. Also you may sign up to receive email notices of any new product recalls for the safety of your family.

Examples of baby gear that have had recalls and will need repair kits depending on the manufacture date: Bumbos, Me Too table chair, Various stroller brands, KidCo Peapod travel bed. 

Check out current video examples and information from CPSC:

If your item has been recalled, and you receive the replacement part, please bring in the unopened replacement part with the item so we may verify the new part doesn’t get separated from the item.