Beanstalk FAQs

Receiving quality over quantity is very important to us and our customers. Our customers appreciate the high quality standards we have in place as they know they can purchase anything in our store without worrying about the condition or safety of the item.

Keeping our little ones safe is a big deal at Beanstalk

Ever wonder why we take the time to check the items you consign for current safety regulations? Many items we use every day are found to have areas of improvement for the safety of the whole family. We rely on the information from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). CPSC has jurisdiction to make recalls or recommendations on product safety and usage for all items we use, not just kids items.

Frequently Asked Questions About Children's Clothing Resale & Consignment

Consignment means we prep & resell your items for you and you’ll receive a portion of the sale after the items sell.

Keeping our little ones safe is a big deal at Beanstalk. Ever wonder why we take the time to check the items you consign for current safety regulations? Many items we use every day are found to have areas of improvement for the safety of the whole family. We rely on the information from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). CPSC has jurisdiction to make recalls or recommendations on product safety and usage for all items we use, not just kids items.

The few items that have had recalls often have quick replacement parts that can be ordered directly from the original manufacturer and included with your item before bringing it in, most times at no cost.

We can accept up to 2 grocery sized bags or 1 large bin/tote per visit. Please review our guidelines below for what to do if you have bigger items. 

It’s easy!  

  1. Simply go through your baby or child’s outgrown items at home and select the items that are free of any stains, damage, recall or excessive wear. 
  2. Give them a fresh wash and wipe down so they are sales floor ready. 
  3. Bring your items in during our walk-in hours. 
  4. We will go through the items you brought in on the spot and select the ones our customers most likely will buy. 
  5. The items we pass on you can take back immediately or we can donate them for you. 
  6. We will set up your account and process your items. Once your items sell a portion of the sale proceeds will auto deposit into your consignor account from which you can shop or collect a check.

We have walk in days Tuesdays through Saturdays from 10am to 3pm. Please review our guidelines for how much one can bring in per visit. Review our How It Works page on What To Bring Us as well as this  page to see the things we generally do not consign or accept for resale. 

We accept items as needed seasonally as follows: January – June we accept Spring & Summer, July – December we accept Fall & Winter. We accept rain gear year round!

Yes, we generally do not accept brands from big box stores like Fred Meyer, Target and Walmart etc. This may include but is not limited to the following children’s clothing brands: Carters, Circo, Dip, Genuine Kids, Gerber, Children’s Place, Okie Dokie, Cat & Jack, Art Class, Just One You, Jordash, George, Faded Glory, Koala Kids, First Impressions, Vitamin Kids, Kids Korner, and many more box store brands.

There are a few reasons we’re selective with clothing brand choices: We select items that our customers love to buy second hand and we pay attention to sustainability practices of clothing manufacturers by selecting for higher quality clothing that lasts longer and price point. Box store brands generally do not hold up as well and do not resell as well. If we are low in our quickest selling sizes such as Size 2 through 6 we may take some brands such as Old Navy, H&M, Primary, Cat & Jack etc. 

We’re happy to take a look at anything you think we might be interested in, and if there’s a brand you’re not sure about bring it on by during our consigning hours of 10am to 3pm Tuesdays through Saturdays.  

We want your shopping experience at Beanstalk to be filled with exciting finds of high quality clothing at a great deal!

We base our prices on the industry standard for children’s resale.  And various factors affect the final price including: Brand, condition/quality, demand, size, season, and the current trends. Most items are priced at 50%-70% off the actual retail price. If an item is new with tags or is still in its packaging/box, we will price it higher to reflect the current condition taking into effect demand and trend.

Consignment: Selling my kids stuff with Beanstalk!

All sorts of items! We take a wide variety of gently used items for consignment resale.

  • Clothing, Shoes, Toys, Books
  • Carriers, Hiking Packs
  • Bouncy Chairs, Swings
  • Pack’n Plays, Co-sleepers
  • Strollers, High Chairs
  • Diapers and Potties
  • Exersaucer/Jumparoo, Push Toys
  • Bikes, Trikes, Scooters
  • Glass Bottles, Bottle Warmers
  • and So Much More!

We strive to receive your items and have them  on the  sales floor in 48hours and  in order to  do that we have a 2 grocery sized bag or 1 tote or tub limit.   If you have more than that please phone or email ahead of time to inquire if we can accommodate more items that day. 

Often bigger items such as gear or larger toys make fitting into our 2 bag maximum difficult. So before bringing in larger items, we ask that you check the item(s) for recalls and  email us pictures and information about the item(s) before you stop in. That way we can let you know via email if we those are items we can resell for you.  For strollers please include a manufacturer date and close up pictures. We will then assess and let you know if we would like to see them. Items that are dirty,  missing pieces or parts or are over 5 years old we generally will not be able to resell. 

We sure do!

  1. Check that your baby gear is free of recalls before bringing it in and that is wiped down and clean
  2. Freshly wash all clothing and wipe down all shoes 
  3. Only bring us items that are free of stains, holes, odors, pet hair and excessive wear.  We can not accept clothing from homes with cigarette smoke. 
  4. The cleaner and sales floor ready your items, the more you’ll make
  5. Count all your puzzle pieces, check that all games have their pieces  & instructions.  Games and puzzles are to be in their original boxes
  6. Bring your seasonal items in at the earliest part of that season.

Yes! We carry a lot of locally made and new items, here are just a few to mention that are commonly in stock:

  • Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces
  • Barrettes and Hair Accessories
  • Burp Cloths and Crinkles
  • Crowns and Headbands
  • Fleece Mittens and Fleece Hats
  • Snow Mittens & Gloves
  • Rain Boots, Rain Coats, Rain Pants
  • Rain Suits and Umbrellas
  • Silicon Teethers and Bibs
  • Sun Hats and Sunglasses
  • Tutus, Wings and Wands
  • Stainless Steel Water Bottles
  • Backpacks and Lunchboxes

We love supporting local artists and makers of all things kids!  Thank you for your interest in Beanstalk and selling your items with us. Send us an email at about the items you make. Please include links, photos, descriptions, and whatever else you’d like us to know, and our buyers will take a look and get back to you.  

At the end of 60 days any unsold items are donated to the wonderful charities we work with which include PPS Clothing Closet, Mother & Child, With Love Oregon and Mainspring.  These organizations support low income  families, teen parents, foster kids and all those in our communities that are in great need.  You will receive  a courtesy call or email for any items that are priced over $40 to inquire if you’d like to donate or pick up that item.  We do our best to select what will sell in the 60 day time frame so ideally there is nothing left to pick up.  For those that want to pick up unsold items then the protocol is to call a few days before your 60 day expiration date to get on our  “Pick-up Calendar” by scheduling a specific date for pick up.  Once your items are pulled on the date you selected you have 7 days to  pick them up before they are donated. Due to the volume of inventory that our shops process we do not have the space to store expired or unpicked up items for more than 7 days.  Donated items go to PPS Clothing Closet, Mother & Child, PDX Diaper Bank, and With Love Oregon Foster families and other local charities that serve those in need. 

Thank you for  being part of our resale, recycle and reusing Beanstalk Family. You are making a difference in the sustainability of  your community and the greater Portland area.  

At Beanstalk, we are a true consignment shop, this means items are received, priced and put onto the floor for 60 days. Once items sell, you and your account accumulate a balance. The amount earned on each item is 40% minus any processing fees.

Feel free to call us at either location during open business hours and we will gladly look at your account to share your account balance. Or inquire when you stop in to consign with us at your appt or on our drop in consignment times.

Stop in to either location to shop with the monies you’ve earned as store credit or pick up a check any day we are open at either location.  

Yes. If an account is inactive for 12 months or more then the remaining balance will expire and your account will clear to zero.  An account is deemed “inactive” if there are no active items for sale, there has been no shopping with your balance or no picking up of a  check. Zero activity on your account at any of our locations will result in an inactive account.

In-Store Shopping FAQ's

We are open 7 days a week.  Mondays 10am – 3pm and Tuesdays through Sundays 10am – 5pm.

Our stores are organized and easy to shop! You can easily find clothing organized by size as well as areas in our shops for shoes, toys, games, gear and local artist items.

Yes we are trying out end of season sales to move out inventory and make way for the new season. Follow our social platforms to stay informed of any upcoming sales or celebratory discounts.  Sign up for our online newsletters to get special online shopping discounts.

We have 2 forms of gift cards, physical gift cards for our brick and mortar stores & digital codes for use on our website. All gift cards purchased online will be a digital code sent to your email, if you’d prefer a physical gift card please purchase in store at our brick & mortar locations!

Who we donate to changes based on availability and facility capacity for those organizations that can pick up from us. Our list may include: Portland Public School Clothing Closet, With Love Oregon,  Northwest Children’s Outreach, Mainspring, Mother and Child, Children’s Book Bank and more places that can pass along our donates to local families in need.

We sell handmade artisian items from independent makers and designers in and around Portland, Oregon. One of our makers embellishes items so the base of her products are not made locally.

Take a look at our About page and read our “We’re Hiring”  and fill out our job application online.

Online Shopping

Not at this time. If you have consignor credit it can only be used for shopping in our stores. 

Much of what is in our shops is online but not all things make it to our online store such as toys or items under $5, some accessories such as socks, tights,  underwear and sometimes some of our gear.  If you’ve seen or purchased something at one of our two locations in Portland, Oregon, and can’t find it online, give us a call or send us an email at and we will help you out.

Please take a peek in your spam folder first, many retailer emails get auto sent there. If you still do not see any information regarding your order please reach out to us at 

We have 2 forms of gift cards, physical gift cards for our brick and mortar in store shopping & digital gift card codes for use with online shopping. 

They are most easily redeemed if the digital code goes with your online purchases and the in store gift card is for your instore purchases. If you need to convert your online gift card for use in our store please come in to shop and we will help you do that. 

All gift cards purchased online will be a digital code sent to your email or at check out you may select a recipient and the scheduled time for them to receive their gift card. Always good to email your friend directly and let them know in case their gift card gets sent to spam/junk inbox.  If you’d prefer a physical gift card please purchase in store at our brick & mortar locations!

Yes! Join our monthly Beanstalk Newsletter showcasing some of our new arrivals and great information on what’s trending, neighborhood happenings and sometimes goodies like exclusive coupons!

We are only able to honor 1 coupon code per order. We cannot retroactively apply discount codes to an order. Additionally, discounts do not apply to gift card purchases.

Absolutely. We want to make sure you’re happy with your purchase, either online or in our stores. We’ll take online returns or exchanges within 7 days of purchase as long as tags are still attached.  You can read our complete refund and exchange policy here. Let us know at  to arrange your return or exchange. 

Email us at  with your order number, order info & photos of the damages. This will help us to replace your item(s), refund for the items and/or file a claim with the postal service. Please include photos of your package with the product, box, and packaging.

We have 2 forms of gift cards, physical gift cards for our brick and mortar stores & digital codes for use on our online stores. All gift cards purchased online will be a digital code sent to your email, if you’d prefer a physical gift card please purchase in store at our brick & mortar locations! The digital online gift cards don’t work in our brick  &  mortar store registers (but you can certainly  use them via your phone and our online shopping app while in the store)  and our instore physical gift cards don’t work at our online stores. Different platforms. 

Send us an email at or give our shops a call and we will do our best to answer your questions. Thank you for shopping with Beanstalk Children’s Resale.

Shipping An Online Order

Yes! We ship anywhere within the U.S and orders over 100 dollars qualify for free shipping. Keep in mind, not all items are eligible for shipping, such as bigger or heavier items.

Yes! Once your order is ready for pickup, you will receive a confirmation email. An order number will be included in the subject line of the email. When you arrive in the store to pick up, let us know your name and order number and we will bring it to you. 

We can usually have all orders pulled and shipped within 2-3 business days after purchase.  During sales or promotions, shipping may require 4-7 business days. You will receive an email once your order has been shipped via USPS and a tracking number.

We ship via Shopify’s USPS and shipping costs are automatically calculated at checkout, based on weight and destination of the package. Our rates also include handling and packaging costs.

At this time, our shipping and free shipping (orders $100 or more) only apply to customers within the US.

Please let us know so we can monitor the situation by emailing us at  *Please note that once the order has left our hands and is in the possession of USPS, we ask that you contact USPS customer service directly at 1-800-275-8777 to file an inquiry as to the location of your package or contact your local post office for more information.

Picking Up An Online Order

Typically pickup orders are ready within 1 day. You will receive an order confirmation email after your purchase and then an additional email when your order is ready for pickup. You may then come to the locations for which you made your purchase to pick it up during store hours. Have your order name & number ready! We do ask that you do your best to pick up with in 48hrs of receiving the email that your order is ready.

Pick up orders will be held at our locations for 10 days from the date of purchase.  

If for any reason you are unable to pick up within the 10 day time frame and would like us to hold on to your order a bit longer, please reach out to us at . We understand that life happens and don’t mind holding for a bit longer, but reach out so we know when you’re coming in for it.  Items not picked up within 10 days are donated to wonderful local charities that support families and kiddos in need. 

If you moved or are stuck out of town and cannot physically make it into our locations to pick up your order within the 1o day hold limit, no problem! We can ship it to you! Just reach out to us at  with your order number, name, and shipping address and we will send your awesome stuff! Shipping costs will be invoiced to you separately. Not all items are available for shipping such as bigger or heavier items. 

Why Parents Love Us

Stephanie Aya
Stephanie Aya
Recycling at its best. The store is clean, organized, and we never have to wait long. Thanks Beanstalk!
Jasmar Reddin
Jasmar Reddin
Nice selection of children's clothing. Friendly staff.
Taleaha Hatfield
Taleaha Hatfield
Best 2nd hand boutique I've been too. If you love Organic Cotton like Hanna Andersson and Tea Collection this place sells for 1/2 retail price!!!!

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