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The stories of your family’s wardrobe, books, and toys don’t end when your little ones outgrow them…

When you consign or donate a piece of clothing to Beanstalk, you are contributing to the circle of giving that works to create a better community and environment for our families.

If you are interested in being considered for a donation for your event,
please submit your request online via the donation request form at the bottom of this page.

For consigners

Go through your closet and gather your gently-used items that could use new homes. Drop them by the nearest Beanstalk and browse the store while we sort through your items. If your items cannot be consigned, Beanstalk will give you the option of donating to local school drives or other community organizations.

For shoppers

Browse the store! We put out hundreds of new items daily and each location offers something different. Don’t forget to join us for our annual spring and summer sidewalk sales, where you can score deals on clothing while supporting Portland area schools.

For schools

Contact us to be added to our list of partner schools in the Portland metro area. We’re happy to support clothing drives through donations or offer gift cards and items for school auctions and fundraisers.

For nonprofits

If you’re a nonprofit benefitting local families, we would love to partner with you! From clothing and toy donations to fundraisers, we will join together to strengthen our community.

Our Montavilla location has a Clearance section which is our main fundraising stream to support schools.  Sale proceeds from our clearance section benefit local schools, as well as provide great deals for our shoppers. Shop our Montavilla Clearance section in the store or online at 

Thank you for consigning with us. One of the ways we give back to our community is by donating quality used goods to a number of local charities that support low-income families, teen families, refugee families, homeless families, and more. We do not receive a tax deduction for the donated items; instead, we gift these donations and prioritize supporting those in need. Thank you for joining us in support of these organizations:

You can Donate too!

Breast pumps: Donate to women’s shelters, post on buy nothing or next door pages and Medela has a pump recycling program.

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    Why Parents Love Us

    Jasmar Reddin
    Jasmar Reddin
    Nice selection of children's clothing. Friendly staff.
    Taleaha Hatfield
    Taleaha Hatfield
    Best 2nd hand boutique I've been too. If you love Organic Cotton like Hanna Andersson and Tea Collection this place sells for 1/2 retail price!!!!
    Jesse Netherland
    Jesse Netherland
    Good stuff and you can search website which helps tremendously when looking for certain items
    Eliza Bonneaud
    Eliza Bonneaud
    Wonderful little store
    Amy Wasson
    Amy Wasson
    Updated to reflect 15 months post-pandemic: As I mentioned over 2 years ago, my family and I treated our consignment earnings at Beanstalk as an emergency back-up fund. This couldn't have been more true in pandemic life. My husband lost one of his jobs and we had depleted our bank accounts; he STILL hadn't received any unemployment at this point. We had nothing to buy groceries or gas for me to get to work until my next paycheck. We then remembered that we consigned with Beanstalk! I walked into Beanstalk and they gave me a check for around $170 and it was exactly what we needed to get through that time. This is EXACTLY why we consign with Beanstalk; having a nice padding for our budget. Plus, they have wonderful gear, clothing, toys for our kiddos with an amazingly nice staff (at both locations). Thanks Beanstalk! ******************** We've been consigning our child's clothing, gear, books, etc for over two years, at both locations, and it's been an amazing boost to our family budget. The staff have always been friendly, helpful and, if they don't consign an item, they give a detailed explanation as to why. Sometimes they advise you check back later once store inventory goes down. My husband & I call Beanstalk our "Banana Stand", an "Arrested Development" reference, in that there's always money in the "Banana Stand"! Every couple of months we bring in any seasonally appropriate clothes/gear/etc that my child has grown out of & refill that "Banana Stand" budget to use towards my child's next stage's clothing/gear. Huge money & time saver! Love this place!
    Katrina Miller
    Katrina Miller
    My favorite consignment store. Always find something fantastic and good quality to bring home. Staff members are always very friendly and helpful.

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