20 Great Children’s Books Fun for Kids and Adults

Looking for some great new reads?

Check out these twenty titles that are fun for everybody!

If you’re looking for children’s books that you haven’t read a thousand times already or have been gifted multiple times, this post is for you! Diversity is an excellent leap in learning for all. Expose your kiddos to children’s books with many colors, backgrounds, people, environments, and legends worldwide.

Each of the children’s books mentioned on the lists below is categorized into reading levels. Shop Beanstalk’s gently used children’s book sections, including:

Enjoy your child’s reading journey
with these beautiful children’s books!

Children’s Books for all Ages and Abilities

Board Books and Read Alouds:

  1. Woke Baby – Growing up in an ever-changing world, rising for justice, doing your part as you grow.
  2. Feminist Baby – Find your voice and stand up for equal rights.
  3. I Like Myself – Celebrate self-love and acceptance and appreciate our differences and sameness.
  4. Little Dreamers – Inspiring and educational, surrounding true stories of trailblazing women inventors and creators.
  5. The World Needs More Purple People – Embrace various families, friends, and communities who are all different, unique, and special, yet are all human and the same.

Early Readers:

  1. Ada Twist Scientist – Foster your little one’s curiosity for understanding the world with science and imagination.
  2. What is Climate Change – An age-appropriate, fact-based, balanced, and approachable way for children to understand how the world is warming and what they can do to help.
  3. The Princess in Black – Follow the thrilling adventures of a princess/superhero who stops monsters in their tracks and empowers little ones.
  4. You Are (Not Small) – Learn about different sizes and shapes, and that perspective is what matters.
  5. Princess Princess Ever After – A rescue mission, powerful friendship, adventure, and a diverse representation of love, what more could you want?


  1. Where the Mountain Meets the Moon – Inspired by Chinese folklore, follow a young girl on a mission to find the answers she seeks about her family.
  2. Fangbone! – A series following a boy who happens to be a barbarian, his group of classmates, and their thrilling adventures are defeating monsters and pop quizzes alike.
  3. Blended – Divorces are common, but that doesn’t make them any less confusing or crushing. Readers meet a young girl struggling and coming to terms with her new blended family and self-identity.
  4. Junie B. Jones – A series with a sassy little girl and wily antics filled with laughter and real lessons to be learned.
  5. The Boy in the Dress – Learn about gender expression and fluidity and what it means to be yourself, no matter what others think or say.

Middle Readers:

  1. New Kid – Graphic novel surrounding a POC young boy new to his private middle school, struggling to fit in and conquer topics such as race, culture, classism, and other dashes of realism.
  2. Aru Shah – A series filled with fantasy and adventure and a protagonist storyteller of tall tales that stretch the truth to “fit in” with classmates.
  3. Clover Moon – When tragedy strikes, imagination kicks in. Set in Victorian London, the little girl protagonist takes us away from our troubles.
  4. Brown Girl Dreaming – Growing up in the South in the 60s-70s as a little Black girl searching for her place in the turbulent era of the Civil Rights Movement.
  5. Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life – A comic following middle school, the worst years of life, in a comical and relatable way for children struggling and finding perspective in trying times.

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Happy Reading!

Carmen Ripley


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