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7 Tips for Back-To-School Shopping at Resale Stores

There’s a big misconception around the idea of shopping resale. Some people may think that you can’t find good quality merchandise at a second-hand store, but that’s just not true. Nowadays, consignment shops offer a wide selection of quality products in a bright, cheerful environment, supported by a friendly and knowledgeable staff. Shopping resale can also help you consume less while saving so much more. Beanstalk children’s consignment shop owner Carmen Ripley Wilson shares some tips to make the most of your back-to-school resale shopping experience.

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Red Tricycle

 Just Opened: Beanstalk’s Newest Location

Take everything you love about Portland resale favorite Beanstalk’s current location on 15th and Fremont and then imagine a much larger space, add a fairy-tale kids’ play area, throw in a fitting room or two and POOF! Introducing Beanstalk’s all-new location in the Montavilla neighborhood. Consignors, start cleaning out those closets. And shoppers, bring your holiday lists because you’re in for a resale shopper’s delight. Read on to see what we found when we took a look inside.

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