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Enjoying Nature with Your Little Ones During a Portland Winter

The Pacific Northwest is a beautiful place to enjoy winter as a family. Kids love being outside in nature. Rain, snow or shine, it’s great to get outside every day for fresh air, puddle jumping and hunting for nature’s treasures. In the city of Portland, we are lucky to live among particularly beautiful examples of what nature has to offer. Read more…

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Buy Resale, Save the Earth
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Cooking with Kids

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A Thrifty Halloween: Finding Costumes at Local Resale Shops

Dressing up your little for Halloween can be loads of fun – for both kids and parents! Whether you’re looking for something spooky, silly or sweet, shopping for costumes at your local children’s resale stores can save money and allow you to be more creative than shopping at a big box store.

NW Kids

Healthy feet & toes: choosing shoes for new walkers

Kids’ feet grow fast: an infant’s foot will reach almost half its eventual adult length by the end of their first year. Toddlers’ feet grow about one shoe size every three to four months, and their feet will double from their birth size by age 4. Babies are born with their feet wide at the toes, which spread out like a fan. As we grow and begin to wear modern (and perhaps more fashionable) footwear, our foot structure is often altered by shoes which isn’t necessarily healthy for foot development.